Who we are

Aerial view of the quarries of O Porrino

FLGRANITES is a mercantile society with roots in Galicia (Spain), land for excellence of quarrymen due to the great amount of resources; its main activity consists of extracting and distributing gross granite, in the form of blocks, in great amounts for its elaboration and work positioning.

FLGRANITES owns various granite quarries in Spain and Portugal, thanks to its "KNOW HOW", its highly qualified personnel, modern infrastructures and state of the art machinery FLGRANITES can deliver the product in best conditions, demonstrating its credited capacity to take care of a simulaneous demand of thousands of cubic meters of granite and consequently becoming in such a short period, one of the world's best producer of "Rosa Porriño" blocks in terms of quality, quantity, production time and price.

The main product of FLGRANITES is granite from Galicia extracted throughout its own quarries, but in addition, it has a large and varied supply of other granites, which implies a well-taken care of and exhaustive selection of each one of the materials.

It is known that for the great majority of companies in the world of granite "Galicia is mainly granite" and for that reason, FLGRANITES has as a main target the commitment in maintaining Galicia as one of the communities with greater wealth in granite resources of the country and the world. Not only in serving with "quantity and quality", but also in the modern ways of extraction and selection of the blocks in its quarries, that serves to approach a little more the customer to the real and present Galicia.

From the other hand, FLGRANITES is always committed to client satisfaction putting its logistics infrastructures at ther service and placing the different products at destination, providing an integral service to its clientes. 

Mission & Vision

FLGRANITES is a constantly growing organization that marks the difference in the natural stone industry and strives to meet the needs and demands in highly competitive markets, offering added value to the product and providing top quality granite at competitive prices.

FLGRANITES assists in increasing the turnover of its clients in foreign markets and to preserve and maintain the business relationship with their respective customers. For us, prosperity depends on repeated business through the development of our relations with our customers, creating a personalized attention and making available their request and demand at all times ensuring maximum satisfaction.

FLGRANITES will rank as a leading global supplier of Galician and Spanish granites. We will gain our reputation by providing high quality products and develop our relationships with customers strengthening thereby our presence in international markets.