Our market

As we all know, nowadays, the international market and commerce is a priority objective for most of the multinational organizations due to the high competition and saturation in many national markets. FLGRANITES is well aware of this situation, and since always it has put the international market under constant study and focused its efforts towards the increase in its exports and strengthens its position in the international market as premium quality granite blocks supplier. Today FLGRANITES covers many international markets such as Portugal, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Tunisia, Syria, Jordan, UAE ...etc. still the efforts are intensifying to keep our markets growing and explore new horizons.

Our future

FLGRANITES has expansion plans already in progress, in what concerns quarries, some are in expansion process and others are being re-opened and prepared for production, also new quarries are being negotiated for  purchasing its concessions, all this is to meet the high and constantly increasing demand of our clients and the expansion of our market. From the otherhand, a lot of investments are being done in market research, new machinery, developing own production systems & machines, expanding the quarries (for example, the "Rosa Porriño" quarry was expanded from producing 500 cubic meters per month in 2006 to produce today 2000 cubic meters per month and it is expected to reach 2000 cubic meters by the end of 2015 as the expansion process is still going on)...etc.