Our quarries

Granite front Rosa Porriño

The biggest quarry is the one producing Rosa Porriño Granite blocks. We supply Spanish and Portuguese factories demanding Rosa Porriño blocks and our production today goes up to more than 1.800 cubic meters (5.400 Tons) per month of Rosa Porriño Blocks and we have an estimated reserve of this material ofaround 7 million cubic meters (23 million tons), from the other hand, our other quarries have a production capacity of an average of 500 cubic meters (1500 Tons) per month for each of these materials: Gris Mondariz and Crema Julia and 250 cubic meters (2300 Tons) of Bianco Diamanti, the rest of ourquarries have an average production of around 300 - 500 M3 per month.

The quarries in the city of Porriño are one of the first large scale production quarries in the world, FLGRANITES itself was established almost 30 years ago following the first extractions. The Rosa Porriño granite was the pioneer granite material introduced in the international natural stone market more than 50 years ago, that is way it is very famous. Its beauty and great quality made it also very demanded all over the world until today.