Our facilities are located in O Porriño, a town within the state of Pontevedra and just 15 km away from the center of the city of Vigo. O Porriño has been internationally known for years for its high quality granite "Rosa Porriño". One of the fundamental keys which made Porriño a strategic center for world 's granite production, beyond the suitability of the stone, which no doubt it is, are the extraordinary communications that has through land, sea and air, which makes us think of this hub of ornamental block production of Galicia, as a unique place in the world. Connections are as follows:

  • By sea it is connected through the port of Vigo and the port of Marin (Pontevedra).
  • Its connected to the International air traffic through Vigo airport (Peinador) which is located as far as 10 km from our facilities, Santiago International Airport (Lavacolla) which is 100 km away and Porto International Airport (Sa Carneiro, Portugal) 120 km from our headquarters.
  • Rail transport is also an important mean of connection and transportation of goods through the railway station in Vigo.

This range of possibilities, with regard to communication and transport, turns out to be the cornerstone on which FLGRANITES depends on the distribution of its products taking as a hub for its operations the town of O Porriño to close all orders maximizing satisfaction starting with the initial order demand by the client until the blocks are loaded on the ships which will transport them to their final destinations.