First workers of the quarry

FLGRANITES was born with FRANCISCO LEMOS, person who started in 1985, pioneer in the extraction of natural stones. FRANCISCO LEMOS set up his first quarry in 0 Porrifio with the material "Rosa Porriño".

The quarry started with a production of 200-300 cubic meters per month, of which almost 80% was directed to foreign markets. In the 90 decade, FLGRANITES contributed positively in building the "Rosa Porriño" reputation and promote this material to become what it is today, one of the most famous natural stone materials worldwide.

Over the years, the experience was essential and at the same time, heavy investments were made to increase production and satisfy the growing demand for "Rosa Porriño" blocks successfully.

These investments have also resulted in achieving modern production methods that characterizes the entire enterprise and led FLGRANITES to adapt itself and respond to the international market demands by increasing the extractions up to the actual production of more than 15,000 m3 of Rosa Porriño granite blocks per year.

As we mentioned earlier, the number of quarries owned by FLGRANITES increased and the types of products available as well, such as "Rosa Porriño", "Gris Mondariz, "Crema Julia" among many others. All our products are of superior quality and allow all kinds of elaboration for any request of the customer.

Old granite quarry Rosa Porriño